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OFE / CPI Handling

As a market leading company, COENS GLS has been supporting a various kinds of shipbuilding projects regarding materials handling for world’s top three shipyard in Korea since our establishment.

From A to Z, we can provide proper services for owner’s materials handling to bring our clients’ satisfaction with customized service based on our previous experience and knowledge. 

Not only import clearance but also other services such as warehousing, packing, transportation and Hook up materials & Surplus items handling are our major service categories for OFE / CPI handling in Korea.

협회명 : (주)한국철도운행안전관리자협회 ㅣ 회장 : 박복규
주소 : 서울특별시 노원구 석계로 98-2 광운대역 3층ㅣ 대표전화번호 : 02)972-2301. 핸드폰 : 010-2927-2300
팩스번호 02-972-2302  : ㅣ E-mail : krosma@daum.net